Minggu, 09 Oktober 2016

Raxco PerfectStorage Bundle v3.0 Build 491 + Keygen Full Latest Version

PerfectStorage™ 3.0 – a huge time-saver for storage managers – is an intelligent storage management solution for thin-provisioned space reclamation that improves productivity, allows for better storage management and forecasting, and delays future storage purchases.

  • Avoid Ineffective, Cumbersome Free Tools
  • Delay and Avoid Storage Hardware Purchases
  • Smart Pre- and Post-Reclaim Reporting
  • Smart Zero Fill™ or SCSI UNMAP Recover Free Space
  • PerfectStorage ESXi Host Reclaim
  • The Thin-Provisioned Storage Problem SDelete and Command Line Utilities
  • Enter PerfectStorage: The Intelligent, Automated Solution
  • StealthPatrol™ Automation
  • Flexible Scheduling for Unattended Operations
  • Centralized Management Console
Release Names: Raxco.PerfectStorage.Bundle.v3.0.Build.491-TSZ
Size: 155,16 MB


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